Event Demoday on the Experimental platform for Agroecology in Hansbeke


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On 5 July 2022 at 12:00 you are welcome on the Experimental platform for Agroecology in Hansbeke! On our fields you can see how leguminous plants provide the agricultural system with nitrogen. This also improves biodiversity and soil quality. This low-input approach provides stable and reliable yields without expensive fertilisers.

To realise this farming system, the farmer Felix de Bousies relies on the advice of consultant Alain Peeters and ILVO. Alain Peeters helps with the design of the farming system, including crop rotation, soil management, pest and disease control, weed management and crop selection. ILVO, the Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Research, monitors the system and investigates how innovations of the platform can be implemented in the entire agricultural sector. During the open field day we show you the farm management system in a comprehensive way.

Get to knwo the farm in all its facets

During a guided tour, you get to know everything about the farm. At each stop on the tour - a partner or ILVO employee demonstrates with figures how the farming system works.

  • Cooperation regarding on farm composting: create your own soil improver
  • Grass clover and soil profile pit: nitrogen fixation and carbon storage
  • Farming with trees: an added value to the farm system
  • Mix cultures with cereals: productive agriculture without chemical fertilizers
  • Old grain varieties: a comparison with organically bred cultivar
  • Chickpeas: a promising protein crop for human consumption
  • The future: PHAE Hansbeke as a mixed farm
  • Agroecology: an integrated vision on agriculture

Welcome to everyone!

The information and demonstration moment is aimed at all farmers, contractors, advisers, policy-makers and teachers who want to learn how to work on soil quality with free nitrogen and carbon from the air.

A full program

12h00 Lunch

13h00 Welcome and presentation of the farm

14h00 Explanation in the fields by advisors and researchers

15h00 Break with refreshments

15h30 Explanation in the fields by advisors and researchers

16h50 Networking moment with stands of the partners

18h00 End

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Demodag - leer gratis stikstof en koolstof opslaan in jouw bodem - PPAE Hansbeke

Practical information

Near the railwaystation of Hansbeke

Foresee an umbrella and boots in case of rain


Welcome and introduction of the company
practical explanation on the fields by researchers and advisors
practical explanation on the fields by researchers and advisors
networking with partnerorganisations
end of the event