Research themes

Each year, the partners of the Experimental Platform jointly decide which research program will be carried out on which plots in the coming year. The following topics are currently considered:

soil quality

How much carbon are we sequestering in the soil? How can we maximize nutrient recirculation and utilization? How do we promote life in the soil?

farm compost pile

Applying compost to the field is an important tool to improve overall soil quality.

field with reduced tillage and tractor at the end of the row

A system of reduced tillage that respects the natural stratification of the soil fits into the agroecological approach of the trial platform.

Grass clover

Agroecology aims to achieve sustainable circular livestock farming, a circular livestock farming form, in which fodder supply and manure disposal remain strongly soil-bound and as local as possible.

Cherry trees between grain fields

Agroforestry is an integrated land use management where trees or shrubs are combined with an agricultural crop or livestock on the same land.